Need more class participation?  Too many mobile phones in your classes? Well,  PollsEverywhere can combine and solve these two problems.  This tool is designed to promote audience participation and  gather “live responses” in a venue.  It can, however, be used as a way to gets students to give opinion and answers in a fun and anonymous way.

It’s very simple, you create a question and project the empty “Poll” on the board.  Each question has a unique code and a phone number.  The students use these to text their reply to the question, which will be instantly displayed on the poll.  It is interactive, fun and anonymous, so even the less confident students will feel comfortable to participate!  And… it’s free!

I’ve been wanting to try this for ages, and was finally able to integrate into a Mise en Situation this year:

Want to give it a try? 

  1. Respond (using the internet) to my Poll about your favourite colour by following this link.
  2. Or respond by text message by texting miriamwaalken337 to +33 6 44 60 09 54.  After you have joined the Poll, just text your answer!  If you are texting from France, it’s free!
  3. Look at the results below!

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