Teaching Online

            The UOC :

          Session Objectives: 

          Extracts from our exchanges: (click on the titles to watch the extracts)

What worked well : 

  • The sharing of photos worked very well because the photo chosen were interesting and full of elements that are easy to talk about. These photos acted as a conversation starter and we were able to move on easily to related and non related topics.

  • The segment about aprèo is very interesting as it was completely unplanned and natural. We had a real cultural exchange which lead on easily to other topics.

  • The choice of conversation in the third video was successful because by the third exchange I began to know Mireia and I was confident it was a subject that interests her. The conversation topics were thus very personalised.

  • Overall, the exchanges worked well. I am a naturally “smiley” and curious person, and I am quite expressive with my voice and my body language. I believe these traits helped the conversations to unfold relatively effortlessly.

What was not so successful : 

  • The creating of the “contrat didactique” did not have the results that I hoped for. I believe it is because I tried to force it too much and it broke the rhythm of the exchange. Mireia was taken off-guard and did not have enough time to think about her answer. I believe this would have been better if I has asked her beforehand in an email.

  • I believe Mireia wanted to be corrected more during the conversations.  The reasons why I did not do this more often will be discussed below.

Characteristic of “video lessons” : 

  • I was surprised by the intimacy there were in these interactions. By having video interactions of this kind, we are effectively inviting the student into our homes, and it seems almost natural to share things with them that we otherwise wouldn’t. The first four extracts show how elements of our personal life (our cats and our boyfriends) make their way into the lessons. This is strange, but not a negative thing and can create some nice moments.

  • The keyboard is a tool that should be exploited, and can be done so in many ways. This is something I would have liked to use more in the exchanges.

Corrections : 

  • I only really corrected Mireia when she “asked” for them; when her tone and facial expressions invited me to correct her. This was for two reasons: firstly as to not be too intrusive, and secondly because I did not feel confident in my abilities to correct French. These first two extracts are examples of me correcting her “upon her request”.

  • In the final extract, Mireia says “écouter” instead of “entendre”. This was corrected in an non explicit way using the correct word in reply; a “recast”. I followed this up in one of my emails to her, which can be seen below.

          Corrective Feedback:  

Through this experience, we were exposed to the world of online learning. I have gained an appreciation of its characteristics, and the numerous advantages of this kind of interaction. I have also become aware of the challenged it can pose for teachers and students, and some strategies to overcome these.