My work placement took place between December 6 (2016) and April 4 (2017) at a private language centre in the department of Ain (01). This centre, Optimum Formation, is a company that specialises in training professionals, and as part of this, they offer English as a foreign language.

This company often receives students through Pôle Emploi, who seek formations to improve their job prospects. During my internship, my role was to provide two groups of students (one group of beginners; level A1, and one group of lower intermediate; level B1) with “Business English” classes and prepare them to pass a TOEIC test.

This work placement was incredibly enriching as far as gaining practical work experience is concerned and allowed me to put the theory we covered during the Master program into practice. Through this experience, I have begun questioning the role of tests such as the TOEIC; why do students sit these exams and what effect does it have on their language progress? I also found myself questioning the use of “Business English” with students of this profile.

I have sent my students a questionnaire to try and answer these questions, and to discover the best types of lessons for students such as these. What do they actually need? The questionnaire is linked below along with a number of articles I have read to try and answer these questions.