Gone are the days of Paint…. Canva is my new obsession.  This is a really powerful and attractive tool, which makes professional quality design achievable.  I have used Canva numerous times throughout this site, and while it takes some time to get used to, once you know how to use it, the results are stunning and relatively quick.


To make activity instructions more visually interesting, we can create dynamic infographics!  The following infographic is designed to help students record, edit and create a podcast.   Included is an example podcast, which will act as a model (created with my classmate, Aboubakr) to guide students in the right direction.

Journée d’étude

We attended a presentation at L’ENS within a framework of the journée d’études, where a number of researchers presented their work.  Among them, Dr Maria Sindoni, who is an assistant professor and a language researcher at the University of Messina in Italy, spoke about her work on epistemology and video mediated communication (VCM)