Teaching Online

            The UOC :

          Session Objectives: 

          Extracts from our exchanges: (click on the titles to watch the extracts)

What worked well : 

  • The sharing of photos worked very well because the photo chosen were interesting and full of elements that are easy to talk about.


To make activity instructions more visually interesting, we can create dynamic infographics!  The following infographic is designed to help students record, edit and create a podcast.   Included is an example podcast, which will act as a model (created with my classmate, Aboubakr) to guide students in the right direction.

Rézo Lumière

The following activity (designed with my classmates Suttner, Aurélie and Khadija) was created as part of “Conception d’activités numériques pour l’apprentissage des langues“.   Our task was to create a 5 week long group work activity that could be used on the site Rézo Lumière, and with the added constraint of being an activity that involves social networks.