Below, created with my classmates from Lyon2, is an example of a “Wiki” made using Gingko App.  This is a fantastic tool that can be easily turned into an activity to give to students that encourages collaborative work and the sharing of ideas. 

French for oenologists

Creating lesson plans and activities for specific purposes requires specialised ressources and support material.  The collecting of authentic material and authentic communication situations takes research,  creativity and patience.  Below, created with Stavrina Dimitriou, is are two sequences for students studying oenology, wishing to come to France to work.


My work placement took place between December 6 (2016) and April 4 (2017) at a private language centre in the department of Ain (01). This centre, Optimum Formation, is a company that specialises in training professionals, and as part of this, they offer English as a foreign language.



Cette année est la 3ème année en France de Ben, sa première comme étudiant (il était en France comme assistant d’anglais en lycée pendant ses deux premières années). Il est actuellement en Master 1 à Lyon 3, et souhaite continuer à vivre en France pendant plusieurs années encore.