This is a great tool to help students work on their skimming skills.

This tool is so simple to use.  Just select a text you want to student to skim and “copy and paste” into the online skimmer.   From there, you can choose the font size and the speed of the text.  And that’s it.  It’s really simple and very effective – The students don’t have a choice but to try and search out the key elements at a certain pace.

I have used this with my Business English students as a way to help them improve there skimming skills before taking the TOEIC test and in general the students really enjoy this activity.

This could also be great with role-play activities – a news reading role play for example – where the students must try to read the text out loud without fumbling.  In this situation, it could be a great way to add some fun into pronunciation activities. 

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