Working with children

I enjoy working with children, and as I said earlier when talking about my work experience, I’ve had the pleasure of looking after two girls since September 2016. Here are a few of the activities we have done together to introduce them to English.

I found the girls some English speaking pen-pals, and we have been writing and receiving snail-mail.  It’s always exciting when they receive something in the post!

Numbers, colours and days of the week are easy now, thanks to games like “What’s the time Mr. Wolf”, art and songs.

 We learn about body parts using games, art and monsters to make it fun and memorable!

Games and role-plays are a great way to learn. 

To the left is a restaurant role-play.  The girls created a restaurant and a menu, and then acted as waiters for their parents when they got home.  Saying “Please sit down” and “What would you like?“. The “snot ice-cream” was a favourite!

To the right is a game of “Who is it?” that we made together using members of their family.  Ages, clothes, and the members of a family are all being practiced!

Reading is important too.  We made fun bookmarks that scream “I WANT TO READ”, wrote some acrostic poems and always look at English books together.

Hands-on learning is essential and very effective for children… and learning English while cooking is enjoyable and delicious.  We make cakes, fruit-salades, popcorn and crepes!  The girls know the words for lots of food now and can give and follow basic instructions like “Please give me the flour” and “Put it in the microwave for one minute“.